Available Fuel Service Plans

We have 4 programs to choose from offering you options to meet your specific propane use and budget needs.

Propane for your home


Terms – Payment due 15th of each month

A set payment is made each month over the period of 11 months to cover your gas bills on a monthly basis instead of one big bill at the time of delivery. We take your gas usage for the entire year to calculate your payment. On this plan, the price is capped for free as well.

Budget Program lets you pay over 11 months.

Payment Plans  Pre Buying


Terms – Entire Balance

Locks in your fuel for the winter months, because you purchase your gallons ahead for the season. This ensures that you have all of your gas paid for and have no worries about a gas bill in the busiest months of the year.

Pre-buying locks in your fuel at the guaranteed price

Propane People Budget Plan


Terms – Net 10 Days

Protect yourself from winter price hikes. The Capped price ensures your price will not be more than this price per gallon. Your price per gallon will not go over the capped variable price regardless of the market price, but it will be less if the market price is lower. There is a $50.00 sign-up fee for the capped variable price to guarantee the gallons. 

Capped Variable Price – protect yourself from winter price hikes

Pay by Phone to Propane People


Pay Upon Purchase

If you don’t want to worry about future prices of propane, then this is the option for you. With Today’s Price, you pay for the price you see. Nothing more, nothing less!

Lets you pay the advertised price of
the day.